Staff Guide

Staff Guide: Canvas LMS Checklist for Academics


Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful platform that enables instructors to create engaging and effective online learning experiences.

This checklist will provide you with essential best practices and tips to create exceptional courses on Canvas. Let’s check the below checklist created by IHM’s/IHNA’s Learning Designer(LD) experts to ensure that you are taking the right pathway for course creation.

  • Course Creation and Organization:
    • Discuss the interactive learning possibilities with LD’s and complete the interactive learning form request.
  • Content Development and Delivery:
  • Communication and Collaboration:
  • Assignments and Assessments:
  • Assessing Student Performance:
  • Group Work and Collaborative Activities:
  • Academic Integrity and Online Proctoring:
  • Accessibility and Universal Design:
  • Course Evaluation and Improvement:

By following this Canvas LMS checklist, academics can create well-structured and engaging courses that foster effective learning experiences for their students. Regularly reviewing and refining the course content based on feedback and analytics will ensure ongoing improvement and student success.